BJP : Hesitated, Scared & Image Cautious in Sant Asaram Bapu Matter !

BJP leaders are scared of taking issue of SantAsaramBapu's case. Courtesy: Mail Today

Hesitated, Scared & Image Cautious stand of BJP leaders, those who have been most promising in Sant Asaram Bapu’s camps, spectacularly have turned in to a deaf ears.

We may or may not like Godmen. For that matter, I am semi-athiest and NOT much of Godmen follower. But SantAsaramBapu and his disciples are working most save Hinduism in tribals, dalits and also OBCs, and stopping them from conversions by Missionaries. So Missionaries have been spending a lot of money in media to damage Bapu and also give money to intellectuals to speak against Sant Asaram Bapu.

Missionaries have been spending a lot of money in media to damage Bapu and also give money to intellectuals to speak against Sant Asaram Bapu.

BJP leaders are scared of taking age issue of victim in Sant Asaram Bapu's case. The victim may or may not be minor. Now in the current case, the girl's certificate from first school shows that she was 18+ when incident is said to have happened. And certificate from thesecondschool says the age was below 18 years.

So IMO, the age from first school certificate should be taken as final. Or, judge should askfor bone test which takes only a few days is an accurate within 6 months of error. But the Lower court judge as well as High Court judges refused to take bone test, and dismissed the first certificate and took 2nd certificate as final!!! And Supreme Court is doingtimepass.Next hearing will be after 2 weeks or so.

Now Congress / AAP leaders are all anti-Bapu, as Bapu was stopping Missionaries. But BJP leaders too are NOT coming forward even in this OBJECTIVE "age of victim" issue. And BJP-leaders are also not demanding trial by Jury!! So when Congress govt in Rajasthan arrested Sant Asaram Bapu, many Hinduvaadies were blaming Congress. At that time, I had said that persons to be blamed are Missionaries, and not Congress. Congress is just a puppet. And even if Congress goes and BJP comes, the Missionaries are too powerful and BJP leaders will not raise much voice. Well, now you can see for yourself. There is BJP govt in rajasthan since 10-dec-2013 and now Center too has BJP govt. But even on OBJECTIVE issue of age of victim, the case is stalling.

My take on this issue has been that we should enact a law-draft for Jury Trial, where Jury of 1500 citizens chosen at random from Rajasthan Voter list between the age of 35 years and 45 years should be called, and they should decide the case,. The Jury should have power to take polygraph, brain mapping, and also narco tests. And also the bone test. These tests can be done on witnesses, victim's father, victim if she is above 18 years and also Sant Asaram Bapu. The Jury will spare none - whether I like it or not, and whether anyone likes or not. This will establish in few days if victim was major or not, and who were guilty or not.. The trial by judge is a sham. Most judges are now under MNC-owners andMissionaryinfluence.

So may be Sant Asaram Bapu guilty and maybe he is not. All that is NOT the point. If an OBJECTIVE issue like age of victim takes so long to decide, and bone tests are not ordered despite discrepancy in the school certificates, then it is time to call spade a spade and say that judiciary is damaged beyond repair. Solution I propose is that voters should order their MPs via SMS to print gazette drafts to bring Jury System in India, and also Right to recall Lower judges, High judges and Supreme judges. The drafts are in chap-21 of

Rahul C Mehta
The very first convener of Right To Recall Movement in India. He is also notable activist for the issues pertaining policy, economics and law. An IITian returned from US.

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