‘Vegan’: Emerging trend leaves justifiers of animal cruelty outdated

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All hail the new vegan world! But wait, you still have debates and politics to impress!!

With the World Vegan Day being celebrated on November 1 and Denmark banning halal slaughter, it is finally safe to say that the world is awakening towards veganism! The recent mental shift in thousands of people’s notion towards diet and a healthy-cruelty free living has sprung up. Not just in one country, but throughout the world. It was almost seen as a disease to even speak about a vegan or vegetarian diet back in the days on social media, but you know, knowledge cannot be fooled forever! People have seen vegan lifestyle in a new light and have started encompassing mindful eating in their life! As per new figures from the Vegan Society, there has been a rise of 350 percent in the number of vegetarians in the UK, with 42 percent aged between 15 and 34. Even Google shows 90% increase vegan related searches. When you switch to Instagram, try searching for the hashtag #vegan. It is surprising!

One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious!

You see, there remains a mental block in people towards viewing animals. When it comes to food, people can’t stop arguing with their horrendous and foolish notions of the food chain. People want to live in the lie where they believe themselves to be omnivorous. You can see ‘intellectuals’ claiming that humans consuming meat are part of the food chain. So where is the “humans are evolved” part of the conversation? Do the staunch meat diet supporters even realize that they are contradicting themselves? Why is meat part of our food chain still a sulk when we know that we are far more evolved to be even sticking to the same old redundant food chain? If you still believe that we were born to kill and eat, then why don’t you go back to the golden nomadic days of hunting, eating raw flesh (you heard it right! No masala! No spices!), and living in caves wearing animal skin!The innate ability to compare the killing and suffering of plants with that of animals is marvelously marvelous! So let me tell you a story based on actual events (not responsible if proven fictional)!

Once a sweet couple was sad about their Cactus Plant falling pale and decaying because of natural reasons. What they did after some research was they cut their plant in half and then kept out for regrowth! Boom! It was healthy and back in shape again! Now…. replace the cactus plant with a Human Baby… would Cutting the baby in half or chopping its legs and hand help in the baby’s survival??? Comparing sentient beings with insentient beings (plants) who do not possess a central nervous system, blood, heart, ears n eyes, kidneys, intestine, brain, the liver is not only illogical but ludicrous!

With WHO almost claiming that meat could be as bad as cigarettes, the world has been provided with facts and statistics by Health Organisations that meat is proved to give cancer and is linked to significant diseases like type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s, infections, Cardiovascular disease,  With the health factor continuously deteriorating across countries, people have started putting their efforts into finding out the richness of a plant-based diet.

Rescue efforts across the world!

It is an absolute wonder how animal sanctuaries and animal rescuers are working their way up to create a safe world for the animals. Through donations, buying from auctions, rescuing from slaughterhouses these Kind beings have pulled their sweat and blood together to give shelter to more animals. Would it be surprising if a 16-year-old sweet girl is rescuing cows and pigs and have dedicated her life to this cause?? Definitely yes! Want a glance?

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More and more sanctuaries and people are turning up as messiahs for these innocent animals.

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Rebel activists like Gary Yourofsky, Actor and Producer Joaquin Phoenix, Alicia Silverstone, Jack Norris, etc. have dedicated their lives to this mission of turning the world into a compassionate and kind place! Current celebrities are turning vegan and setting the example. With thousands of people becoming vegan and adapting yoga/meditation as their routine life across Europe and America, we can say that there has been an immense rise in awareness and open-mindedness over there.

Now… Where is India in all this?

Once a spiritual capital of the world, passing knowledge of yoga across the globe, teaching other countries the importance of vegetarianism/veganism is now slowly becoming a sinkhole of politics and cultural suicide! When we talk about compassion and vegan/vegetarianism in India, we are clearly drawing a line between the cruel Industrial Diary system and Cows raised at home. The factor of Abuse comes in only when the word ‘profit’ is involved. there is no way a family could make profits in millions by abusing those poor animals. Cows were and are still, worshipped as Mother!

With propaganda and agenda at the frontline of every political party and religious community, everything is gradually becoming chaotic and turning haywire. With the strong opposition to Beef Ban and people exaggerating their notions of freedom, it seems impossible to bring a mind shift in the new generation of people. For example, take the opposition and aggression Yogi Adityanath faced when he ordered the shutdown of illegal slaughterhouses and cow smuggling in Uttar Pradesh. He had promised to close down mechanical and unlawful abattoirs. It was a total outrage when this decision came out! Opposition and several groups of people with vested interests and propaganda highly condemned this act of banning beef and slaughterhouses. Now you see, there is a thin line between debating diplomatically and politicising an issue. India witnessed backlash from so many groups of people who couldn’t live without beef and lousy meat, and they took it to the streets to win their interests. It is not a surprise why India is headed towards a cultural suicide and complete dumb down in conscious thinking!

While the world is set to experience a new enlightened era, India is engulfed between propaganda and politics!

Gone, are the days in India where animals were almost a part of the family. Gone, are the days in India where nearly every household had a cow! Gone, are the days when India was the spiritual leader of the world! Gone are the days when compassion mattered!