Did law enforcement agencies allow Harvey Weinstein to walk-free due to pressure from Clinton or Obama?

Photo : Larry Busacca / Getty Images

Hollywood producer-Harvey Weinstein is in the limelight these days. Not due to his movies, but because of several victims who have accused him of harassing.

Besides actresses, even TV stars and models have written about the assault that they faced at the hands of Weinstein. His mind consists of such high-level of bizarreness that he allegedly asked models to stand in front of him so that he can masturbate!

We all know that young women who are looking for a big break sometimes fall prey to sexual harassment, casting couch, etc. But, the stories shared by Weinstein’s victims are nothing less than horror.

After carefully scrutinizing various allegations and details, it’s clear that the producer is a sex maniac who deserves an entry in the Guinness World Records for raping women and getting away without even spending a minute behind bars.  He got away with out-of-court settlements with victims in many cases according to reports. Some victims did approach journalists, but the media somehow managed to suppress the news.

Did Obama and Clinton save Weinstein for so many years?

The Hollywood producer managed to settle as many as eight cases out of the court as per the article published by the New York Times. Now the question that may arise in everyone’s mind is, why did law enforcement agencies as well as tabloids ignore all the victims for several years? The answer probably lies in the fact that Harvey Weinstein has close ties with the Obama as well as Clinton family. In fact, he’s known to be one of the most popular democratic donors and has helped Hillary Clinton a lot during last year’s presidential elections.

The relation was such that former American President Obama’s daughter Malia Obama did an internship at The Weinstein Company’s New York office. The mainstream media does not spare any opportunity when it comes to criticizing president Trump. But, all of them have preferred to maintain silence when it comes to writing more about the link between Obama-Clinton and alleged serial rapist-Weinstein. Both, Clinton and Obama preferred to remain silent while almost every day new allegations were surfacing against their “family friend.”

Later, after facing criticism from several quarters, Hillary and Obama released their statement condemning Weinstein’s behavior.

NYPD has started their investigation in one of the cases

Thankfully, the NYPD has recently shown its guts to go ahead with the investigation into rape allegations made by Paz de la Huerta against the co-founder of Miramax. According to the actress’s claim, Weinstein raped her twice.

After interviewing the victim, NYPD officials who interacted with journalists have pointed out that the allegation is credible. They have already started gathering evidence to create a water-tight case.

Robert Boyce, the chief of detectives said that both the incidents happened several years ago. So, they need to collect all the possible evidence before arresting the producer.

People like screenwriter Scott Rosenberg who has closely worked with Harvey have now openly agreed that several individuals working for the production house knew about the producer’s behavior. The testimony of these co-workers can help law enforcement agencies in proving charges against the Hollywood mogul. As per a report published in the Telegraph, even the Scotland Yard has decided to reopen some sexual offenses and child abuse cases involving Weinstein. It seems that bad days are here for Weinstein as his “friends” from the Democratic Party are no more able to control things in Washington.

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